Africa By Location (Text Format)

Chapter 2: Tectonic Landforms

Anti Atlas Mountains
Richât Structure, Mauritania
Damara Mountain Belt
Transvaal, South Africa
Great Dike of Zimbabwe
African Rift
Afar Triple Junction
Gulf of Aqaba/Gulf of Suez
Levant Fault
Southern Arabian Shield
Semail Ophiolites
Shield Areas

Chapter 3: Volcanic Landforms

Tibesti Mountains, Chad
East African Volcanism
South African Sills
Volcanism in the Afar
Arabian Shield Volcanism

Chapter 4: Fluvial Landforms

Elat and Qaal Jafr, Israel-Jordan
Central Yemen
Niger River, Mali

Chapter 8: Eolian Landforms

Dome Dunes of Saudi Arabia
Dunes of the Empty Quarter
Erg Chech and Yetti Eglab Massif
Grand Erg Occidental
Erg Chech
Grand Erg Oriental
Tanezrouft Basin
Lake Chad
Namib Desert

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