SO, WE'VE COME TO THE END OF THIS TRAINING SESSION. And, almost to the end of the Tutorial. But there is more that you can do. A complete 7 TM band set for Morro Bay, California, that you encountered in Section 1 as an introduction to Landsat imagery and to image processing is included in the PIT package; so is the set covering the Waterpocket Fold in Utah. Review Sections 1 and 2 to remind yourself of the image content and the classes established for each scene. Then, treat them as unknowns and do your own classification (use the same classes or define new ones). See how well the different PIT classifiers perform compared to the Idrisi classifiers. Be adventuresome and run unsupervised as well as supervised versions. There is still another TM image set, the NB series, in the PITimage collection, which pictures a plateau-like terrain in some part of the Colorado Plateau in Utah. It is quite bland and not very interesting but you may want to play with it. Finally, there may be in the collection an AVHRR and a GOES image if they become available before the CD-ROM you are using is produced. Use your imagination in processing these if they are part of the collection. (Keep in mind that the number of theirbands is not the same as the TM sets, and image size is different [PIT automatically reads the columns and rows as indicated by a number array other than 512 x 512.])


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