Local Winds

Canary Islands

Dust, Canary Islands

S17-121-169 (Linhof 90 mm) Flight 41G; 28.5N, 17W, 10 Oct 1984

Two days after observing local dust storms from Iran, the crew aboard the Challenger was treated to the view of a vast expanse of dust spreading from northwest Africa far across the Atlantic Ocean. It was visual proof of what the scientists aboard HMS Challenger had deduced 110 years before the existence of deep-sea core samples, that much of the Atlantic's muds between the CanaIy Islands and South America came from the Sahara Desert.
    In the distance, west of the Canaries, a turbulent (von Karman) vortex stream was observed extending from Cape Rhir, the headland on the African coast that marks the ternination of the Atlas Mountains.

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