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Ocean Color Data and Resources

Table of Contents

ornamentThe Coastal Scene

Nile Delta
Mississippi Delta, Louisiana
Po Delta and Venice, Italy (includes coincident CZCS scene)
Betsiboka estuary, Madagascar
Nimrod Sound, China
Strait of Dover
Southern California


Pearl and Hermes Reef, Maro Reef, Hawaiian Islands
Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Yap Island, Caroline Islands
Penhryn Atoll, Cook Islands
Rangiroa Atoll, Tuamotu Archipelago
Groupe Acteon, Tuamotu Archipelago
Iles Gambier, Tuamotu Archipelago
Malden Atoll, Gilbert Islands
Christmas Island
Society Islands
Maldive Islands
Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean
Mayotte Island, Indian Ocean

ornamentLocal Winds

Sea breeze, Baja California (includes coincident CZCS scene)
Langmuir vortices, California
Sea breeze, Sumba, Indonesia
Wind shear, southeast Indian Ocean
Dust, sun glitter, Persian Gulf
Dust, Gulf of Oman
Smoke, inversion layer, Persian Gulf
Gust front, Ionian Sea (50 mm)
Gust front, Ionian Sea (250 mm)
Dust, Canary Islands


Wind waves, swell, North Pacific
Swell, northeast Pacific
"Heringbone sea," tropical Pacific
Internal wave packets, Hainan
Internal waves, equatorial Indian Ocean
Diffracting internal waves, Nicobar Islands
Internal waves, Red Sea
Internal waves, eastern Mediterranean
Solitons, Alboran Sea
Solitons, Gibraltar (100 mm)
Solitons, Gibraltar (250 mm)

ornamentShip Wakes

USS Enterprise, off Al Masirah
Stern wakes, eddies, Libya
Stern wakes, eddies, southeast Spain
Trawler wakes, northwest Africa
Stern wakes, Baja California
Nested Vs, Gulf of Mexico
Nested Vs, Crete
Stern-wake dump, Egypt
Stern-wake dump, Mozambique
Stem-wake dump, North Pacific
Stern-wake dump, Aegean Sea
Stern-wake dump, Atlantic
Stern-wake dump, southwest coast, Florida

ornamentPollution at Sea

Anchorage off Oman
Oil dumps, slicks, Persian Gulf (includes coincident CZCS scene)
Massive oil slicks, Bahrain
Surface debris, Red Sea
Routine dump off Gibraltar

ornamentSpiral Eddies

Southwest Indian Ocean
Equatorial Indian Ocean
Philippine Sea, west of Guam
Southern Philippine Sea
Pacific, east of Marianas
Pacific, northeast of Hawaii
Caribbean Sea
Plankton, sun glint, North Atlantic
Caspian Sea
Santa Catalina Island, Gulf of California
Southern Hemisphere, Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean front
Spin-off eddy, Mayotte Island, Mozambique Channel
Gulf of Oman (1)
Gulf of Oman (2)
In-line spirals, eastern Mediterranean
Atlantic coast, New Jersey to North Carolina


Ras al Hadd (100 mm)
Ras al Hadd (250 mm)
Shear, Mozambique Channel
Mozambique Channel
Persian Gulf
Eastern Mediterranean
Equatorial Atlantic
Equatorial Atlantic
Southeast Pacific
Pacific, east of Hawaii

Appendix A: Human Observation of Oceanographic Phenomena from Space
Appendix B: Photography: Crew Support and Cameras
Appendix C: Shuttle Flights and Crews
Appendix D: Web Site Notes

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