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Oceanography from the Space Shuttle

Oceanography from the Space Shuttle is a pictorial survey of oceanic phenomenon visible to the naked eye from space. Originally published in 1989, it is now out of print and only available on this web site. To navigate, click on the shuttle and then follow the arrows pointing right - or you can reach any page from the table of contents. Thumbnail images give a preview of each chapter's photographs. For more information about the site and viewing these images, see Appendix D: Web Site Notes.

To learn more about observing the oceans from space, see the Goddard DAAC Ocean Color Data Support Team.

A joint project of the
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
and the
Office of Naval Research,
United States Navy

July 1989

Web publishing by the
Distributed Active Archive Center,
Goddard Space Flight Center,
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

August 1996

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