This Appendix records the sources of all space images, aerial photographs, ground and aerial views of landscapes and outcrops, line drawings, and other illustrations. Tables from publications are acknowledged below each one. The purpose of this listing is two-fold: (1) to give proper acknowledgment and thanks to all contributors, and (2) to provide adequate information to any reader wishing to contact the source individual or organization to seek a copy of the illustration or additional facts about it.

Because of the large number of illustrations appearing in Geomorphology from Space, the method of acknowledgment is, of necessity, concise and uses abbreviations wherever expedient. The overall scheme of this system is divided into three parts: (1) a list of the source of each illustration or table, arranged by chapter, with those in the gallery chapters (2 through 10) given in two parts-a group found in the introductory section of a chapter and then those used in each Plate; (2) a list of addresses for each source, organized alphabetically by the name of the individual contributor or by the organization providing the illustration; and (3) special lists of: (a) Guest Caption Writers, (b) University of Maryland students who supplied background information for Plates in the Tectonic Landforms chapter, and (c) required copyright statements.

More than 95 percent of all illustrations found in this book have been adequately registered by source and identifying numbers where appropriate. A few remain completely unidentified (referred to as source or ID unknown) or poorly documented. For these latter and some other illustrations, full accreditation has proved to be quite difficult because of insufficient supporting information from the contributors (e.g., a few individuals who supplied 35-mm slides failed to label them or even orient them appropriately). To those receiving incomplete (or possibly incorrect) credit, we offer sincere regrets, but ask their indulgence in view of the tremendous task involved in keeping track of the more than 2000 photographs and space imagery considered for the book.

Guidelines for interpreting the source listings are as follows:

  1. All non-Plate illustrations are recorded by a pair of numbers: the chapter number-figure number (e.g., 6-4).

  2. All Plate illustrations (excluding the index maps, which were prepared by Malcolm Tarlton and others at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)) are listed by letter-number, using the scheme described on page xiv. The ID for the Plate image itself (first in each entry) is set in boldface type.

  3. Most of the space imagery is recorded by a number and/or other descriptive information. By learning the identifying numbers of word descriptors for each system, the reader can readily recognize which system is involved; to wit, descriptors for nearly every system source encountered in the list:

    1. Landsat MSS imagery (for Landsats 1, 2, and 3) is normally identified by a numerical sequence such as:
      1347-07902-7 (Landsat 1)
      2238-16433-5 (Landsat 2)
      30148-22195-4 (Landsat 3)

      A fifth digit in the first number set is inserted after the initial digit by some suppliers of Landsat 1 and 2 images (e.g., Earth Satellite Corporation; certain international receiving stations). The final digit -4 (5, 6, or 7) refers to the specific Multispectral Scanner (MSS) band for a black-and-white image. The notation "(C)" at the end of the sequence refers to a color composite. (AC used with mosaics or other types of illustrations indicates a color version.)

    2. Landsat-3 Return-Beam Vidicon (RBV) image IDs can be readily recognized by the replacement of the final digit by A, B, C, or D, which specifies the quadrant of an equivalent MSS frame (e.g., 30133-15321-B).

    3. Landsat IDs with the left set of 5 numbers beginning with either 4 or 5 (e.g., 40322-) are associated with the Thematic Mapper (TM) sensor on either Landsat 4 or 5; no MSS images from these spacecraft are included in this book.

    4. Landsat mosaics consisting of only two images normally will have the pair identified as above; if more than two images are used, none will be identified.

    5. An ID numerical sequence given as Oxxx-xxxxx-x is reserved for Heat Capacity Mapping Mission (HCMM) imagery. The last digit (-x) will be 1, 2, or 3, depending on whether it is a Day Visible (l), Day Thermal IR (2), or Night Thermal IR (3) scene.

    6. Images identified by "LFC" and up to 4 digits refer to photographs taken with the Large Format Camera on STS-xx.

    7. The nomenclature "SAR Rev" followed by a number indicates an image acquired by the Synthetic Aperture Radar on the Seasat mission; "Rev" stands for revolution.

    8. The nomenclature "SIR-A Data Take" plus number refers to the Shuttle Imaging Radar system on the STS-2 mission (November 1981).

    9. Some photographs taken with handheld cameras by astronauts during Space Shuttle missions are identified with a letter-number sequence (e.g., S-9-3223 (the 9th STS flight)); some later STS flights use a different identifying system based on a combination of launch-pad number and particular mission in a given year. Several photographs received from the Johnson Space Center were not fully identified.

    10. The identifier "NOAA" and additional letters/numbers normally is associated with meteorological satellites operated by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Satellite Data Services Division, Washington, D.C. 20233.

    11. k. Some Gemini and Apollo photographs contributed by Paul Lowman and others at GSFC had proper IDs, as evident from their entries. However, several lacked such IDs, and no convenient means to track them were available.

    12. Most images of planetary bodies in Chapter 10 were obtained from photograph files at the News and Information Branch, Public Affairs Division, NASA Headquarters. These are identified by a description such as 81-H-432 (first number = year; H = Headquarters; second number = picture number). Some images were acquired from NSSDC or JPL; see guideline 10.

  4. Wherever appropriate (and available), the date on which an image/photo was taken is added after stating the photographer or the spacecraft system ID (e.g., 1234-16302-7: 6/26/73).

  5. For illustrations copied directly from a book or a periodical, the author(s) (or in several instances, the book title), followed by the date of publication identifies the source. The full identification of that source appears in the references at the end of the appropriate chapter. In many instances, the illustration is copyrighted. The symbol © is then added to the entry; see Part 3 for any additional copyright statements.

  6. For most illustrations submitted by individuals, the identification consists of listing only the contributor's name. Complete addresses of contributors are given in Part 2 of this appendix. Some individuals have coded their photographs by a number or some other descriptor. A few have provided numbered illustrations on a commercial basis.

  7. Some photographs were purchased for the book from the Photo Library of the U.S. Geological Survey in Denver. These can be recognized by the following combination: Name of the photographer (commonly a well-known geoscientist), a number, and "USGS-PL."

  8. A similar situation exists for two other sources-the National Park Service (NPS) and the National Geographic Society (NGS)-except that no charges were made for the contributions. These are credited by listing the name of the photographer(s) followed by NPS or NGS. Check Part 2 for addresses of the organizations.

  9. Whenever possible, aerial photographs are identified by both source and specific flight, roll, and frame numbers. One group of aerial photographs comes from a collection available from the U.S. Geological Survey; this group is indicated by the descriptor "USGS-APA," where APA stands for Aerial Photograph Atlas (see USGS publications Professional Papers 590 and 591).

  10. . In addition to the many individuals and organizations named in Part 1 as sources (with addresses in Part 2), a number of organizations have served as sources frequently enough to be identified in Part 1 by a series of letters as initials. There is one exception: if, at the end of each entry for Landsat or HCMM images, no source is given in this manner, that source is the Landsat Image Processing Facility at GSFC. The other common sources, identified by initials (with addresses in Part 2), are:

    CCRS  =  Canadian Center for Remote Sensing (Canada)
    CSIRO  =  Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization (Australia)
    EDC  =  EROS Data Center
    ESC  =  Earth Satellite Corporation
    IPF  =  Image Processing Facility (USGS Flagstaff)
    JPL  =  Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    JSC  =  Johnson Space Center
    LRC  =  Langley Research Center
    NAPL  =  National Air Photo Library (Canada)
    NGS  =  National Geographic Society
    NPS  =  National Park Service
    NOAA  =  National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Admin.
    NSSDC  =  National Space Science Data Center (GSFC)
    USGS  =  U.S. Geological Survey, at the following locations: Denver, Colorado; Flagstaff, Arizona; Menlo Park, California; Reston-National Center, Virginia.


Chapter 1: Introduction

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Chapter 2: Tectonic Landforms

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T-61: Landsat images and other figures, courtesy J. McHone

Chapter 3: Volcanic Landforms

3-1:1097-04465-5, 10/28/72; 3-2: Press and Siever, 1982, © (adapted from R. G. Schmidt and H. R. Shaw, USGS); 3-3:1825-17294-7, 10/26/72

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Chapter 4: Fluvial Landforms

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Chapter 5: Deltaic Landforms

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Chapter 6: Coastal Landforms

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Chapter 7: Karst Landscapes and Lakes

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Chapter 8: Eolian Landforms

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Chapter 10: Planetary Landforms

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Chapter 11: Geomorphological Mapping

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Chapter 12: Global Geomorphology

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Structural Geology Students

The following students in the Spring 1984 class in Structural Geology (Geol. 341) at the University of Maryland-College Park (Paul D. Lowman, Jr., Instructor) are gratefully acknowledged for their assistance in researching background material for many of the Plates comprising the Tectonic Landforms Chapter:

Deborah Bradley    Andrea Mongeon
Kathleen Burch    Elizabeth Montgomerie
April Cannon    Ernest Monti
Thomas Davis    Diana Obler
Donovan Duggan    Charles O´Carroll
Steven Eichenger    Clifford Oliver
Judith Elkins    Judith Owens
Kenneth Emerick    Daniel Pazdersky
Lisa Ettlinger    Mark Pedersen
David Falatko    Cynthia Poston
Alan Fisk    Winston Riley
John Fleming    George Sauer
David Greenan    Brenda Seylar
Andrew Hartten    Thomas Skelly
Mark Hensler    Adam Smith
Deborah Knox    Timothy Stacy
Mohanjeet Kohli    Robert Tucci
James Lang    Michael Tuttle
Gregory Lee    Edward Udelson
Alan Levine    Mark Watson
Hollis Mason    Patricia Watterson
Tom McCollum    Michelle Webb
Dennis McElrath    Kathleen Wehnes
Joseph Mickum    Ellen Wilson
David Miller    Pablo Yanez

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